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            A Letter to Hefei-bound Passengers, 

            Their Relatives and Organizations


            Under joint efforts of all citizens, Hefei makes stable and positive progress in fighting against COVID-19. On Mar.8th, all cases treated in hospital have been cured and discharged. As of Mar.14th, the city has achieved a zero-increase of cases for 22 consecutive days. However, zero-increase does not mean zero-risk. The epidemic is spreading faster globally. New infections have been rising sharply in some countries and regions, so that the risks of cross-border transmission are much higher than ever. To forestall imported cases of infection turns to  be the latest priority of COVID-19 prevention and control. Therefore, we must remain vigilant and take no chances.


            Hefei is our shared home which deserves our joint endeavors. In face of COVID-19, we’re all soldiers and it’s our common responsibility to strictly prevent and contain imported COVID-19 cases from abroad.


            If you’re currently living overseas, studying, working or doing business abroad, in view of the unknown situation of passengers on airplanes, ships, high-speed railways and other means of transportation as well as the small enclosed space, the risk of COVID-19 transmission is much higher. Therefore, you’re advised not to rush back to China in the near future in case of  the possible infection on the way. Meanwhile, we expect you to take care of your health, raise your self-protection awareness and protect yourselves properly.


            If your relatives plan to return from abroad in the near future, please report it to your community (village) 24 hours in advance, informing messages including name, health status, returning date and time, and itinerary. A 14-day centralized quarantine observation shall be strictly implemented. 


            If there are employees in your company or organization planning to return from abroad in the near future, please get to know their health condition in advance, keep contact and offer necessary services and persuade them to postpone the trip if necessary. For those who have to return from abroad due to business reasons, a 14-day centralized quarantine observation shall be arranged by their company, organization or relevant local government. Relevant information shall be reported to the community (village) in time. 


            If you have already come back from abroad, please report truthfully your personal information, cooperate with relevant local government to carry out centralized quarantine observation and follow other relevant regulations on COVID-19. Those who make false declaration or conceal necessary information such as travel history shall bear their legal liability. 


            For anyone returning from abroad, a 14-day centralized quarantine observation shall be strictly implemented. Strict measures transmit our deep concerns. All measures adopted are for everyone’s health including your relatives’ and neighbors’. Let’s join hands tightly and abide by the regulations on the epidemic. And we are surely to win the war against COVID-19! We hereby extend our heartfelt gratitude to all citizens, especially Hefei-bound passengers and their relatives, for all of your understanding and great support.


            Office of Emergency Command of Hefei Epidemic

                    Prevention and Control

                       March 15, 2020



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